Bailey Flannery

I have being going to good ole' Erik at Aagaard Fitness for almost 12 weeks! I was super nervous at first because I very rarely worked out prior. My initial goal was to lose some lbs, tone... well, every part of my body, and find an outlet to help relieve my day to day anxiety. I have had the best experience thus far, and have no doubt it will continue to be great. I feel stronger after every class..especially in my back/shoulders, legs and my upper abdominal area is getting progressively tighter! I genuinely enjoy going to classes each week (3 days a week, sometimes 4.) We have an outlined GOOD workout that leaves you tired, sore and ACCOMPLISHED - but not feeling like you're going to be sick. Plus, Erik is very funny, personable and can create an exercise plan fit for anyone. I highly recommend anyone looking for a positive boost in their life to check out Aagaard fitness. You won't regret it. Plus, I've gotten multiple comments on my legs, butt and posture in the last month in a half from random people that have left me with a huge smile on my face!

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